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Scuba diving in Andaman is perfect due to the Bay of Bengal’s abundant marine life. The Andaman Islands are regarded as the greatest location for scuba diving in India because of the amazing corals and immaculate coral reefs that give an ideal atmosphere for this enjoyable hobby.

Best Time

October through May are the ideal months for scuba diving in India, particularly in the Andaman Islands.


One of India’s top destinations for scuba diving. A paradise of 36 islands, Lakshadweep is home to sun-kissed beaches and lush vegetation. The most popular diving spot is Princess Royal Bantam

Best Time

For the finest scuba diving experience, try to visit between December and April.


On the eastern coast of India, Pondicherry is the only place to go diving. It is regarded as one of India’s top scuba diving spots and an excellent place for both beginners and experienced divers.

Best Time

All year round. Although, February through April and September through November are the ideal months.


Dwarka is well known as the home of Lord Krishna, and only a select few brave people are aware that it is also one of the top locations for scuba diving. Marine animals including dolphins, whale sharks, and turtles may all be observed underwater due to the exceptional visibility.

Best Time

Visit between the months of October and March to have an unforgettable experience.


With its tiny exotic corals, flights of lovely fish, and other vibrant marine species, diving in Goa is an absolute delight. The top scuba diving location is Grand Island, which has sunken shipwrecks that are now home to an abundance of marine life. Another spot suitable for beginners is Umma Gumma Reef.
Best Time

The greatest time to go scuba diving in India, particularly in Goa, is from October to May when the monsoon season has ended.

Havelock Island

This uninhabited island is among Andaman & Nicobar’s most breathtaking tourist destinations and one of the top scuba diving locations in India. Species including the humpback parrot fish, lionfish, and soft corals can be spotted underwater.

Best Time

October through May are the ideal months for scuba diving in India, particularly in the Andaman Islands.

Netrani Island

The Netrani Islands, popularly known as Pigeon Island, are located off the coast of Murudeshwara. The island is well-known for its abundance of corals, and the emerald waters around it are possibly the best places in India for snorkeling dives.
Best Time

The months of November through May are the ideal times to explore.


In Chennai, scuba diving is regarded as the most exhilarating, compelling, and fulfilling underwater activity. Additionally, you will get to witness amazing marine life and corals.

Best Time

The months of September through March are the perfect time for scuba diving.


In Kerala’s Kovalam, scuba diving is growing in popularity among visitors. The water is transparent and offers a glimpse of a wide range of aquatic life, including diverse species of fish and other sea creatures.

Best Time

A good time to go diving is from September through February.


Malvan is a gorgeous place with lovely scenery that add a sense of peace to its environment. It is the ideal beach location where visitors may enjoy exhilarating water activities and lose themselves in breathtaking natural beauty.

Best Time

Scuba diving is best done during the months of September and May.

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