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Let’s take a break from fast city life and get refreshed by natural backdrops of Hatta Village. Hatta Tour takes you almost 150 km away from dazzling Dubai city to appreciate an astonishingly attractive village of Hatta situated in the foothills of historic Hajar Mountains. Hatta is known as Heritage Village because it is filled with magnificent prehistoric legacy. Discover the flora and fauna in the outskirts of Dubai with comfort and safety. We will take you on pebbly roads in our 4×4 cruiser vehicle without any hassle, the only thing you will experience is an utmost thrill. After enjoying panoramic views during an exciting drive of an hour you can visit Hatta Fort and take many pictures in these antique surroundings.

Departure time: 7 AM

Arrival Time : 2 PM

Age ranges for age-specific tickets:
Child option 4-10 years
Adult option 11+
Free admission for children under 3

Notable sights:
Hatta Dam – rides not included
Hatta Mountain Safari
Hatta Hill Park
Hatta Heritage Village
360 degree views
Hatta Wadi HUB
Hatta Fort Hotel view

Tour Duration: 06 Hours

Listing Amenities

  • Private Transfers Private Transfers
  • Sharing Transfers Sharing Transfers
  • Wheel Chair Access Wheel Chair Access
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