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Azerbaijan Tour Packages offers a wealth of tourist places and sightseeing opportunities. Baku’s old and new architecture, including the Flame Towers, is a must-see. Gobustan and the Mud Volcanoes feature ancient petroglyphs and unique geological formations. For a nature experience, Gabala and Sheki are two great destinations to explore. Gabala is home to the Tufandag Ski Resort, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains, while Sheki is a charming town known for its traditional architecture, including the stunning Sheki Khan’s Palace. Quba is another great destination for nature lovers, with its beautiful countryside and famous Red Town. Azerbaijan’s diverse attractions provide a unique and unforgettable experience for all types of travelers.


DAY 1: Baku

The day starts with the Absheron Peninsula Excursion which consists of Yanardag and Ateshgah.
The first stop is Ateshgah, which is a fire worshipper’s temple that can be found in the Surakhany settlement. It is a symbol of the existence of Zoroastrianism as a religion in the region. Near the Digah settlements, you can also explore Yanardag or the “burning mountain” Afterwards, you can visit the Inner and old city of Baku which include Maiden Tower and Shirvanshah’s Palace. The eventful day concludes at your hotel where you can rest after a sumptuous dinner.

DAY 2 : Gabala

Post breakfast start your drive for a trip to Gabala – the erstwhile capital of Caucasian Albania. This was also the central point of the Silk Road that has existed for 2500 years. On the way, you can stop at Shamakhi where you can wonder at the Seven Tombs, pay your respects at the Grand Mosque and view the first residence of the Maraza Diri Baba. This is also the time when you can stop at one of the oldest surviving civilizations and settlements in Azerbaijan – Lahij village where craftsmanship thrived during the Medieval period. Overnight stay with dinner in Gabala.

DAY 3 : Gabala / Sheki

After enjoying breakfast at your hotel, the tour calls for another session of sightseeing. This time, you can visit the Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort and ride on the cableway that winds its way through the picturesque Caucasian Mountains. (Nature lovers can plan a day trip to Sheki with overnight stay). In the evening, you can take a ride back to Baku where you stay back at your hotel and enjoy a lovely dinner.

DAY 4 : Quba

After checking out of the hotel after breakfast, the tour will take you to the Quba Qusar region, where you can explore the largest national park in the area – the Qusar Shahdag Mountain Resort. This is also the perfect opportunity to take in the natural sights and surroundings, including the Afurja Waterfall, Cenlibel Lake and Tangaalty Canyon. You can also explore a quaint and ancient Caucasian village called Khinaliq, located at a very high altitude in the Quba mountains. The day ends with your drive back to Quba, where you can rest for the night at your designated hotel.

DAY 5 : Quba

This day of your tour commences with local sightseeing at places like the largest mosque in the city, the Old Hammam, Ardabil Mosque and Red Town, which is the primary home of the mountain Jews. The day ends with your trip back to Baku, where you can stay at an overnight hotel.

DAY 6 : Gobustan and Mud Volcanoes

The Azerbaijan tour is incomplete without visit to Mud Volcanoes – also known as sedimentary volcanoes. These volcanoes are a place of great natural beauty and have been awarded the honour of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The next attraction on the itinerary is the Gobustan open-air museum where you can see Neolithic paintings in person. You can also visit the Mini Azerbaijan Museum and the Ali Haider Centre as part of the itinerary. The day also involves a wonderful dinner consisting of local delicacies at a posh restaurant after which you can stay at an overnight hotel in Baku.

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